Гидравлический плоскошлифовальный станок m7132

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max L×W×H 1000×320, мощность двигателя 5,5 кВт
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Гидравлический плоскошлифовальный станок M7132

Application: The machine is redesigned on the basis of 7130 model, widen the grinding width. The machine uses mainly the wheel periphery for surface grinding,but the wheel end surfaces can also be used for grinding the vertical surface of the workpieces. When grinding, the workpieces can be placed on the magnetic chuck or fixed directly on the table or with other fixtures according to various workpieces. The machine can used for grinding steel, casting iron or Non-ferrous metals.It can be used for grinding side face of groove and flange. 2.Features The lift system use high-precision ballscrew to confirm accuracy. The wheelhead can be moved transversely on the saddle by hydraulic system or by hand. easy to operate. The saddle togther with the wheelhead have quick lift device and move up and down for vertical feed on the column. It can be moved by hand or by hydraulic system.  

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